Harmonic Resolution SXR stands

I currently have my equipment on Harmonic Resolution M3X platforms and I was thinking of purchasing a SXR stand for the platforms. I can't afford the Mac Daddy MXR stand ...so the next one in line is the SXR stand and that one is still not cheap. So my question is ; do these stands make a sonic difference when taking into consideration that my equipment is already on the M3X platforms ???? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I consider HRS sonically neutral. I owned the Grand Prix Monaco rack and the HRS translates to less noise and tightens up the music spectrum.
Yes the stands add another layer of vibration control due to the stands mass and point of dissipation before it gets to the platforms.
I own the SXR that comes with two internal horizontal bars supporting each platform and Michael at HRS swears adding another support bar for each platform tightens everything further which is where the MXR is at. Of course then there is the extra cost for the more finished look which was not that big to me.
I did not feel guilty in spending the money for this rack if your equipment is worthy of the support.
Assuming you agree, then HSR would fall into that end of the road category for your last purchase. I have no desire to go any further at this point. Best of luck with your decision.