Harmonic Resolution Damping Plates

I use the HRS M3X's under all of my equipment with the Nimbus couplers.....their stuff is good. Any opinion's on the peformance of these plates ??????
I put a large HRS plate on top of my Theta Compli Blu after feeling vibration. It minimizes the vibration to nil.
I had a large plate on top of my YBA Passion integrated for over a year. I happened to remove it one day and realized I now had slightly better high frequency response - the damping was too much for my amp, apparently. Everything is system dependent as they say.
Try Symposium Fat Patz they don't over damp and sound much better.All their stuff is wonderful using on my entire system.
Hello Ebm - please define - '' over damp '' ....I just want to know if the plates work as HRS platforms are the best that I have ever tried
This means they take life away from the sound!!