Harmonic Cyberlight

Any thoughts on this cable with the newer INEX 4000 BP?

Those who are selling are doing so within 3 weeks of ownership.
I think you've answered your own question.
I had a Harmonic Technology Cyberlight digital cable I bought some time ago. Even with the wall-wart power supply, it was one of my three favorite digital cables, along with the Stealth Sextet and Tara Labs The One, though last year I had ultimately settled on the Stealth.

That was before I read the Positive feedback rave review of the new Battery Pack Four and decided to try it with the Cyberlight. Long story short, the Cyberlight replaced the Stealth in my system. Main strengths include a rarely achieved openness along with super-delicate detail, all without any etch. Not quite as warm as the Stealth, but the startling black background more than makes up for it and adds a level of realism I hadn't experienced before.