Harmonia Mundi "New Releases" disc samplers

Can someone tell me how to buy these? They are marked 'not for sale' on the back however I found some in a used disc bin. The sound is great and this is an excellent way to decide on new purchases.
I think you found the only way to "buy" them. Reviewers receive them regularly and some cast them off to used disc dealers.
If you go to www.berkshirerecordoutlet.com you can buy a seven disc Harmoni Mundi sampler "Europa" for less than $20.00. Just enter Harmoni Mundi into the search parameters. I've bought a number of Harmoni Mundi samplers from them over the years, they're one of the best resources for classsical music I know of.
Thanks Photon46! excellent link!
Thanks Photon, I own a 6CD set called Europa from Harmonia Mundi which is 'Musical treasures of 25 Centuries'. Is this the one you mean. The single disc samplers I was referring to is a 4 x yearly compilation of upcoming releases with release dates given months ahead. If there are any reviewers reading I will be pleased to buy every one from you at a better price than the used stores will give. On another note I went to the largest record store in town to buy some choices off one of these samplers. Not only did they not have even 1 in stock they couldn't even order 90%. They're buyer must have ears of steel. Sad.
Psacanli, yes that's the one I was talking about. I didn't realize there was the "upcoming release" sampler series from HM as well. You are right about the paucity of good classical music retailing at the local level. I've given up on local retailers for classical, I order everything online now. We have a pretty good music retailer in Tampa that sells a lot of good used vinyl. They used to be a great source of used classical vinyl. They took out all of the classical vinyl though, guess it just didn't sell well enough to justify the shelf space it took on the retail floor.
I usually listen to the sampler once and then toss it in the trash. Thought it was not worth the effort to sell it. Of course, it was not until this thread that I realized that some people actually "bought" them. Guess I will now toss them into my resell box.

Kr4, I'm sure you're just kidding about trashing the Harmonia Mundi samplers after 1 listen-unless you just don't care for classical music?? Regardless, I am genuine about buying all of them from you-including any old ones that may have missed the circular file. Pete. pts@dccnet.com
I am not kidding. The samplers are just audible ads. I get the full releases of those that interest me.

Only one still in house but I am not interested in selling it as I cannot imagine it is worth the bother. If you are in NYC, you can pick it up when I am done.

Kr4. OK, maybe you can tell me where/how you get the samplers, and, where you buy the discs you choose? Thanks.
As a reviewer, I get all of that direct from HarmoniaMundi.

Well Kal, let's make it worthwhile for me to buy these little treasures from you. Say a years worth or even 2 years worth at a time with me paying enough for all your trouble to make it worthwhile. By the way, this week I went to HMV to buy some selections from the Aug-Dec new releases from "2003"(I know I'm very behind in my buying). Nothing I chose was available and some of the ones I wanted the store could not get because the store 'buyer' hadn't chosen them. The buyer obviously was buying from statistics-certainly not by listening. I chose Bachs Cantate BMV 133, Alberto Ginastera 'Estancia', Wolcum Yule Antonio Literes, Joseph Wolfl Sonatas 25&33, Beethovens Christus am Olberge, plus I thought I'd give a listen to Mozart Night Music as I felt the recorded sound to be very good-even though the pieces may be chestnuts. Happy listening, Pete
Well, I will start another shopping bag and accumulate them but don't tell my wife. There are already two bags in the closet waiting for me to get down to Academy.

I'm ready...
Good morning Kal, I didn't fully read your post yesterday. Perhaps you have some Harmonia Mundi or other discs in the bags I'd be interested in. I'm ready to buy. I could even find a box that would take 10-12 discs and send it to you with tape (with the payment) to take care of packing.