Harmon Kardon T60C Turntable issue

I pulled out my HK T60C turntable which had been in the attic for the last 15 years. The belt was melted which I replaced but the speed seems to be stuck on 45rpm. I took it apart and cleaned the contacts but still no luck.
I thought it might be the new belt but it appears to me that drive spindle is not adjusting speed. Any thoughts
Vinylengine.com for manuals etc.
Clean the switches for speed and quartz lock with switch cleaner.

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I found some more info ... there is a separate T60 service manual ... I was looking at the T60C manual. It shows the 2 trim pots and the procedure for adjusting the manual speed control and it also indicates that there were 3 separate motor pulleys available for that table .... you adjust the quartz lock by checking the speed and replacing the pulley if needed ... handy! :no:
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Yes its probably history kiss it goodbye.
Without the stabilizer, and with that cue problem, I’d pass on it. I have one, & it is very sensitive to foot fall vibration, and without the stabilizer, which is expensive to find, it is even worse. Every one I’ve seen or heard about is often slow with quartz lock, unless it has new belts (easy to find) and all the caps replaced. I also hate the reverse action cue lever. They also have a proprietary headshell, often replaced with the wrong angle one. Of all my TTs, I use that one the least. But it sure is a looker. shareit vidmate app