Harmon Kardon hk870, 825 help please

I have aquired some 80's Harmon Kardon equipment and can't seem to get anything to make noise.
When the hk825 preamp is turned on the indicator lights flash.I wonder if this is an indicator of a fault?
I have two hk 870 amps and on both the "wait and power" indicator lights do not come on but I do know the amps are drawing current.
I have hooked a working tuner to the preamp and no noise.
I can't believe the whole thing is toast.I got it from an estate sale and everything was well packed and looks like it was well cared for .
Any help appreciated.
Hopefully someone can properly interpret the flashing indicator lights.

If not, try outputing the preamp into a known working amp. If you can get a radio station to play out your speakers this way, the HK 870s should go to a repair shop.

Otherwise, try inputing a known working preamp into the HK 870s to see if they are the problem.
Check the fuses first! Sounds like a simple issue here.Its very unlikely that all peices are down working at the same time. Be patient and try one pice at a time on another existing system.
Check the back of the amps to see if you have a switch that toggles between balanced and unbalance (RCA's). I experienced this once...I use RCA connectors and the switch on the back of the amp somehow moved to balanced mode. When I switched it back everything was perfect.
These were some of the best pieces form Harmon Kardon in the early 80s, about 1983. Like menetioned earlier check all fuses. if they are good. Try and open the units to check the internal fuses. I had a similar problem years ago with a PS Audio amp. The adhesive that hold the metal ends of the fuses had dried out and let the fuse corrode. Replaced the fuses with same value, and the unit powered on and played for years there after. This could be the problem as it appears these units were stashed and left in boxes, for possible years on end. As far as the 870 and 825 go these were rock solid pieces and built quite well, I have never seen these amps and preamps fail.