Harmon Kardon HK430

Hello gang,
I am lucky enough to have acquired a HK430 from a very nice former owner. The FM tuning is silent.
I have checked the 3a 250v fuses(all good). 3 fuses on the back panel and 2 inside, I for each board.  I have used deoxit on the selector and or muting dials/buttons. I have made sure the speaker selector and muting switches are in the proper position.
Still no sound. The signal strength meter is moving as I tune up and down the FM dial.
I am a believer in checking the easy stuff for repair first.
Hmmmmmm....still no sound.
Any advice or resources to suggest? 

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The stereo light does not come on.
The aux and phono will transmit signal to the speakers from my mp3 and turntable