HarmanKardon, Yamaha or Denon

I'm at a purchasing stand-off. I am looking to purchase a receiver for my home theater. The main usage for this unit will be movies, although music (Jazz, Classic Rock and Big Bands) sound will be important.
I am looking at a Denon 2805 or 2105, Yamaha RX-V757 or 1500 and Harman Kardon 635, 1005 or 2005.
I’m leaning towards the Denon’s or HK’s because of the high current amplifiers and higher capacity capacitors over the digital realm of the Yamaha’s. The Speakers are Polk audio RTI6 in the rear, RTI28’s in the surround middle channel and the front will be towers such as Polk RTI8’s or 10’s or possibly Wharfedale Opal 90 Towers. The center is a Jamo D 5.
A little feedback as to which direction some of you would take and why may give me the information I need. Thanks in advance for those who participate.
I just bought a H/K 7300 for dirt cheap! I been looking at low cost pre-pro's and the H/K works well for me.
H/K--I have the 7200,came from rxv 3000Yamaha--the high current
H/K makes a BIG difference.
My suggestion is to go used at a good discount, so you can afford a better receiver! If you don't need the latest PLIIx and such, you can get some overall better sounding receivers(sound is everything on any amp/pre-pro...period!) by shopping the gon for used, yes.
If you must have new, you'll get sonic compromises for sure.
That said, yeah I'd probably go for a Denon or HK likely, and still cross speakers over as "small" to greatly help dynamics. However, a great deal on a DSPA1/RXV1 and similar yamaha still sound great. On the other hand, rung bellow all these, adding an outboard amp sound even better.
The NAD sounds good but build quality is hit/mis. The lower priced Outlaw audio reciever sounds good for cheep as well.
good luck