Harman Kardon Mods

Wondering if anyone does HK CD Player mods? I have a HK990 I'm wondering if worthwhile to upgrade the DAC, transport, caps, etc. rather than spend a small fortune on a more expensive model. Thanx
It would not be an upgrade. It would be a mod and there are no guarantees. Sell it and buy a decent CD player.
If you don't mind a 2-box solution, why don't you consider a new DAC? Maybe one with selectable filters to fine tune your sound??
Mik971...I like your response. Thought about that but sometimes ya just never know, be nice if the internal dac could be swapped out for next to nothing other than my labor :)

As far as the other response above yours, no thank you, I can come up with a more logical decision than dropping thousands on top of thousands for tunes, most especially a cd player :p