Harman Kardon HK870 Recap

I have a HK870 power amp which I purchased new about 32 years ago.Physically the amp is in excellent condition and I currently use it to power a second zone in my home. It just doesn't sound as open or clear as it once did. A year or so ago, I replaced the input coupling caps, thinking that would help, but I honesty cant tell a difference. I concede, it could be my hearing, but given it's age, it could be the electrolytic caps, and or other components / adjustments. I'm looking for opinions on if it's worth recapping and restoring, or if I'm better off putting the money towards a new, or gently used amp.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Harman Kardon always built a nice amp.  If you like the amp, then have it serviced.  There isn’t any reason not too, and I doubt you could replace it for what the servicing would cost.

I used a H/K Citation 16A for years.  Wonderful, powerful open clean and dynamic.