Harman Kardon AVR85

Hi I have a Harman Kardon AVR 85 and BOSE AM15 with a Sony DVPC600 DVD player. I find that my surround channels (back speakers) are not giving me a good output. There is setup involved in AVR85 (am choosing small speakers) and in DVD (again small speakers) that i did but inn all the modes prologic,hall,matrix,movie,3stereo and stereo I get a very low output when i play from my DVD player. Is there some thing that i need to setup to get good effect Thanks in advance Vijay
I have recently purchased an AVR55 and it has excellent rear channel output. Many sources do not have much rear channel information. Try playing a dolby-encoded music CD and see if the rear output improves. You may also want to borrow a pair of efficient rear-channel speakers made by a quality company. I also recommend inserting a regular CD player into the system to see if the problem can be isolated. If it isn't the source component or the rear speakers, the receiver may need to be checked over by a qualified technician.
I had a same problem. My rear channel was never strong. After I changed the dealer, I learned that this particular rear amp is problematic. I still have the amp, but I no longer use it for surround sound, I bought another one and kept harman kardon in my bed room. Sorry.
Agree with Scottht, that the rear level, is factory preset low and remembered by a battery-driven memory in the AVR85. Find the Rear Level option and increase the volume. The five amplifiers are an identical 85 watts, all channels can play at the same volume, with different surround information.