Harm. Tech. Pro9 or Anal. Plus Oval9

Has anybody compared these two? I'm trying to decide between a used set of the Harmonic Tech's or a new set of the Oval 9's- roughly the same price. My equipment is a Cary sli80 into Meadowlark Shearwaters, thanks, Jay.
Jay, I saw your post on my thread. Thanks for the feedback. How do you like your Shearwaters? I've been contemplating the Kestrels myself and was wondering what kind of sound characteristics you would attribute to Meadowlarks.

As I mentioned on the other thread, the Oval 9s widened and deepened the soundstage, and rounded out the overall balance. If your system is a little lean like mine was, the APs may help.

I know many people here like the Cary too. Have fun!

I absolutely love my Shearwaters. And I've heard the Kestrels and been blown away by them. My speakers are very natural sounding. Perfect for what I listen to- small group jazz, orchestral, lots of piano lately it seems too. The Kestrels are the best in their pricerange that I'ver heard, great soundstage, detail, and effortless natural sound.
Jay, I have owned both the HT Pro 9 and Analysis Plus Silver Oval. I prefer the HT to the AP. To me the HT is more neutral and truer. The AP as Gunbei has mentioned is state of the art in soundstage width, the HT is also excellent in soundstage width, without rolling off the top the way AP does. I would also characterize the HT as neutral to laid back compared to cables like Nordost SPM. Strange thing, I really like the HT speaker cable with my Dunlavy speakers, but was much less impressed with it on my Meadowlark Kestrels, same goes for the AP. If you have monoblocks and could use 1 or 2 sets (for biwire) of Harmonic Tech Pro 9 (4 foot spades) I have a couple of sets I could sell. You might also want to check into Acoustic Zen speaker cable, it is less expensive than HT and I've heard from others that is blows it away. I ordered a single set of their Satori speaker cable for my own system.
Thanks for the info. No mono blocks though, I use an integrated actually, Cary sli80. Im looking for 10' lengths. I'll also look into the zen wires, thanks, Jay
HT in my system was a bit more neutral and detailed, but I chose the AP. The AP sounded more natural overall, and was deeper in the bass (even that the HT is quite good in the bass). When I have compared these cables for other people in my system, everyone clearly hears the differences but opinions are mixed. Both are quite good - it's personal preference.