Hardwood floors in basement music room?

I currently have carpet over concrete, and I'm thinking about removing the carpet and installing engineered hardwood over a glued down underlayment, does anyone have any pro or cons on this. The underlayment I was going to use is a lumber liquidator product called Eco silent sound HD, they also have a cork underlayment .
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In the place I lived in before this one, I had a carpet on the hardwood floor between the listening chair and the speakers. Same thing in the place I was in before that one. However, I've got nothing at all on the wood floor in my current home. I tried putting down that very same (very nice) carpet, but it completely sucked the life out of the stereo, deadening, muffling everything. My room is mostly untreated -- and my system has never sounded better. Go figure.
In other words, I'm not sure you'll know until you try it out. If the wood doesn't work, you can always cover some of it with a carpet.