Hardwire vs Powerline/bridge?

Hello, I just recently purchased an Airport Extreme and was thinking of setting up an Powerline/Bridge - Yesterday, I had DISH Network installed and the installer and I were talking about my initial setup, and he stated that he could route an ethernet cable from my home office (modem location) to the living room in the crawl space for $50... I'm now considering the option of hardwiring... if I go this route, I'm assuming it will be more secure vs POWERLINE/Bridge set up, if so, should I have two ethernet cord (one for Audio and the other for video)? Your response will be greatly appreciated....
It's not a question of security...the powerline speed depends on the quality of your electical system and the distance between the powerline units. It is good for short runs, but of course the signal must go all the way back to your electric panel so a short physical distance may mean a longer wire distance.

You would be FAR better with a hardwire connection. You ask if you should run one or two cables...and the answer is three cat 6 cables. One for computer to computer or for audio...and the other 2 for sending 1080p HDMI between rooms.