Hardware/Software To Manage Multi-format, File-Based Audio Playback

Hi All,

I have thousands of mixed-format audio files on a server and duplicate instances of a lot of those tracks living in an iTunes library. 

What hardware/software options do I have that can read, organize and playback multiple file formats (dsd, dsf, AAC, flac, mp3) from a network server (or be localized to an internal hard drive) and that will also have solid smart phone/tablet support so they can be used as a remote control? Streaming via wifi or wired is possible. 

If there is not a dedicated hardware/software solution, what software only solution would work with either a 2006 mac mini, or a tiny Lenovo PC from 2014?

Thank you all for your learned suggestions.

Consider Audirvana+ SW for your Mac Mini. Excellent SQ & a free trial is available. You can use your iPhone or iPad as a remote.