hardware choice

I have reached a point at which I think I need some advice from the Agon community.  The issue is that I like the sound I am getting now but am limited by the room (and WAF).  I expect that DSP room correction would help significantly, but how to implement it?  Current system: Cambridge CXA81, Bluesound Node 2i, Wharfedale Jade 3, Furman power conditioner and assorted upgraded cables and interconnects, including a Pangea coax to bypass the Node DAC in favor of the Cambridge DAC.  A couple of acoustic panels behind the Jades and two tube traps.  The Jades are on sand-filled stands with IsoAcoustic pucks.
I would like to use Dirac Live to improve imaging and deal with some remaining room nodes, but I'm not at all clear on the best way to do so.  One option is to sell the CXA81 and the Node 2i, replace them with an NAD C658 BlueOS DAC/streamer/preamp and find a suitable power amp.  I like the CXA81, but the NAD gets good reviews, too.  Is there a way to implement Dirac Live with my current system?  Thanks.
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I forgot to mention that the NAD C658 BlueOS includes an integrated implementation of Dirac Live!
probably best to buy the nad with built in dirac from crutchfield you can then return it for money back if its doesn't do what you hope...