Hard wired power conditioners?

I am putting together an HT setup in my basement. We plan to have an electrician visit our home for unrelated electrical work. As long as I am having an electrician out I thought I would ask whether there is anything I should ask the electrician to do to improve my power supply. Currently, I have a 4 outlet plug in a circuit with other light fixtures and other electrical appliances on a 15 amp circuit breaker. Would anyone recommend pulling a new wire from the breaker box to a new outlet panel to serve my HT equipment? Also, is there a hard wired type power conditioner or surge protector I should use to improve the power supply and protect my equipment from power surges?

Your help would be greatly appreciated for a newbie, aspiring audiophile.
A company named "Tributaries" makes IC and speaker cable and also AC wire (audiophile grade, heavy and round). I purchased a 25` lenght and called an electritian who used it to run a new AC line from my main box, to a PS outlet, it feeds my ARC 120 monoblocks and subwoofer amp. with a Shunyata 4. Nothing else is on the line.
Great results, nice and quiet.
Don`t forget to go one more step with good quality AC cords.
It is always better to have a dedicated power supply if you have the circuit space on your electrical panel. With dedicated circuits, there are no other devices on the circuit to contaminate the circuit with noise. Also, power for the HT equipment is not being sucked away by other apppliances or devices on the same circuit.

If you have a full blown HT set-up, it would be better to have two or three dedicated circuits. If possible, keep your analog and digital equipment on different circuits. If possible, give power amps their own circuit. If possible, use 20 amp circuits rather than 15 amps circuits. This is a wish list and you may not be able to do all of these things. But to the extent that you can, it will help things.

With respect to a hard wired power conditioner/surge protector, your electrican can install a "whole house" surge protector onto your electrical panel. These things are becoming more common. It isn't a hard thing to do although they can be a bit expensive, a few hundred dollars anyway. The alternative is to use individual, component power conditioners between your equipment and the electrical outlet. These are not hard-wired.

Keep in mind that your electrician may not be an audiophile and may think that you're crazy. You can take comfort in our company. Most of us will not say that you're crazy since we do these things too.
Thanks for your suggestions. I have 3 20 amp slots in my breaker box. I will look into getting a whole house surge protector. I will also look into getting the audiophile grade AC wiring. I appreciate your kind and helpful suggestions.
If you only have three breaker slots left, keep in mind the obvious, i.e. you may need another circuit for lights or other non-audiophile things, unless your basement is already totally finished and serviced. You may need to have a subpanel added if you need more breaker slots.