Hard-to-find binding posts

I am attempting to source the binding posts on the Morel Soundspot speakers. They appear to be rather conventional brass posts, but they are smaller, more compact, and this is key for my application. Any suggestions?
Contact Michele at Audio Studio in Brookline MA.
tel 617 277-0111. He is the designer of many of the Morel products
Great, I'll try him in the morning.
I spoke with Mikhael a couple days ago and he was quite friendly, agreeing to look around for posts such as the ones I describe, but he's not yet gotten back. The search continues.
Mikhael from Renaissance Audio agreed to send three samples of smaller-type posts for S&H of $12.95. Package arrived today containing just 1 post, a conventional knurled brass type.

I'd be most appreciative if anyone has any leads and will gladly send a photo of the Morel Soundspot-type post I seek.
Email me a picture of BP I might have some about.
I'll send you the photos. What's your email address?
Here is a PDF catalog of the Morel units with the binding posts visible on the 1st page.
The knobs are 1cm in diameter and protrude 1.5cm out from the enclosure. I'll send you a better shot I've taken. Brass finish is sought, but basically, the problem is finding any binding posts at all that are smaller, more compact, regardless of finish. Thank you.
The Morel headquarters in Israel has turned down a request to supply their binding posts. Speaking with Madisound, they've been turned down by Morel as well. I'll send closeup photos to anyone who might be able to help. Can the photos be pasted into this forum?