Hard to Find

Hello:I've being looking for a Dynaco CDV_PRO CD Player for awhile now,why is it so hard to find?any ideas?
I stumbled across a Dynaco CDV-2 CD player at a local dealer, paid $375 for it. Nice player, seems Dynaco didn't make a lot of CD players, commercially not a hit.
Check with J&R Music World. They used to carry that model and might have a left-over.
I believe that Dynaco is out of that business. Above post is correct about J & R, they were selling them real cheap, as recently as last fall. As I bought a fax machine from them a few years ago, I am on their mailing list. And I haven't seen the model listed in their last few catalogs. However, I would call. We could use another company that markets an affordable, tube CD player.
As an alternative, if you just can't find one, Carver built one several years ago using vacuum tubes that looked to be very promising too. If you see one of those around you might want to snatch it up. Just an idea.
My brother has been looking for one of these units with no luck either. This was not a high production unit and J & R was the largest retailer of them. As Trelja mentioned, they closed them out quite cheaply ( $499 ). Since few were made and they did receive good reviews, it's quite possible that people that have them are happy with them and not willing to part with them just yet. Keep your eyes peeled and maybe a few will show up somewhere. If they do, please let me know and i'll do the same for you. Sean >