Hard Reading - Suggestions from a speaker maker

Since a lot of us like to talk tech, I found a reading list from a builder I admire and often agree with, Troels Gravesen


The link name is misleading, as there are several important links and suggestions to read.
Speaker making is a trade secret.  Those who speak out - they don't know better.
Bsimpson, all those secrets have long been discovered. There are only differing approaches to the same problems. Magico uses aluminum and Wilson composites, some use no enclosure at all. Paper, beryllium or diamond. With the drivers available on the market, access to a shop and testing devices you can throw on any computer you can make a first class speaker. Get digital cross overs, bi or tri amp and you can get to a totally new dimension for way less money than the equivalent Focal or Wilson.  
Hi bsimpson :

Speaker making is a trade secret. Those who speak out - they don't know better.

Well that's a very curious point of view, since all of my life I was told it's something you can go to school for. What makes you say this, and can you give specific examples?

Are you saying that a speaker maker who talks about his craft doesn't know anything? Can you give examples?



I've been following Troels post for years.  As he would say: "Nothing new under the sun."