Hard of hearing

My wife is hard of hearing . I am looking for a wifi/blue tooth tv speaker system to put on a kneewall behind the couch. Need suggestions 


I wear hearing aids, Widex Momentum, and I’m happy with them. Loss of hearing brings a number of issues that if not treated on time could degenerate in total loss of the capability; therefore, I’d recommend you have your spouse checked by a hearing specialist first. I also agree that BT sound on the hearing aids is always tiny—question of physics as you don’t have big drivers on these devices and most weren’t designed to serve well streaming needs such as TV or music—so I’d also recommend finding a combination of hearing aids + over the ear headphones that would work best… good luck!

My hearing aids are bluetooth and I bought the TV accessory for them which works great. There is no delay. I would first try bluetooth headphones but then go see an audiologist and ask about aids that have a TV adapter. FWIW

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Phonak Audeo Paradise has a specific TV accessory.  And, the Widex Moment are noted as "musicians' choice" and are used even in recording studios sessions.  

And what r_pig says about getting aids sooner rather than later is also true... hearing can degenerate further as the nerves "go to sleep" in a sort of use-it-or-lose-it scenario.  Aids also help diminish tinnitus... I speak from experience as well as research.  Don't delay on the aids.  The two models I mention above are incredible technology... and I know that the Paradise, and probably the Moment, is firmware updated to continue to refine the already-awesome performance, so the hardware itself while pricey is also future-proofed for a decade or more; even the microphones can be updated physically, in addition to the software firmware updates.   And note: it's entirely possible to not even need bluetooth nor any special speakers once the aids are in the ears...!  

I was just researching a similar solution for myself. What I am trying to accomplish is dual sound output; the TV speaker and a headphone, IEM or airpods. That way, we can both watch TV without blasting the TV speakers.  My AirPods pair perfectly with the Apple TV and timing is accurate. But how can the TV sound still be on so she can listen?  

I am considering a Bluetooth transmitter that has a toslink input and should not interfere w the TV speaker. And I think it has a 3.5mm out for a wired solution in case BT is delayed. 

best solution would be to use my AirPods Pro’s and the TV speaker. I could use conversation mode so we could have a conversation while watching. Need to try and figure that one out.