Harbeths building system around Harbeths?

I have a NOS dac and I really love the sound (I discovered that I am allergic to fast sound or however you wish to describe it). I have head phones now and want to build a speaker sytem with this or another NOS dac. I have been reading about Harbeths and they sound great (have not heard them yet but dealer is thankfully 2 hours away). I know NOS dacs need careful system matching and was wondering if anyone could give me some info on matching components (want ss amp and have blue circle pre amp that I like) like fast speakers, or harbeths etc?

I bought Harbeth Super HL5 last November and I've made several changes to my previous system to accomodate the new speakers. First, I replaced my Classe CA400 amp (too much power, previously used to power Thiel CS6) with a McIntosh MC275 tube amp. The McIntosh amp added more bloom to the midrange and a more lively sound. I use a Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Ultimate vacuum tube preamp (this is from my previous system and I see no need to change it). I was using a Rega Saturn for CD playback but now I use it as a transport for my new DAC, Benchmark DAC1 Pre. This system is great for vocals and most any type of music. Its very good for long listening sessions and its very detailed but not fatiguing in any way. I use many aftermarket power cords and I also use a Running Springs JACO on all of my front end components. In summary, I'm very happy with my Harbeths.
Hello Smatsui,

Could you explain me what do you mean with "too much power" related to your previous Classe CA400 driving the Super HL5
Did you have problem? .. and which problem?
I should clarify that it was not too much power (400W/Ch)but it was a sensitivity problem of my amp and preamp not giving me much volume adjustment (the CAT preamp has a stepped volume control). I only had about 2 clicks on the volume control before it was loud. I don't think 400W/Ch is a problem but it is overkill IMO.
Have you tried the DAC1 Pre as an alternative to the SL1 Ultimate preamp? If you have, what is your impression?
I have not compared the DAC1 PRE as a preamp to my CAT preamp yet but I will. I would like to do the comparison using the balanced outputs of the DAC1 since my MC275 has balanced inputs. Currently I don't have balanced IC but I will probably borrow some from friends to do the comparison. It should be an interesting comparison.
Um, pardon my ignorance, what is an "NOS" dac? I know that a "dac" is a digital audio converter. But what does NOS mean?