Harbeth with Croft phono integrated vs Yamaha AS1100/AS2100

I confess from the get go... I now own the Croft Phono Integrated, but have been playing with the idea of feeding it more power with something like the Yamaha. It’s the P3’s, so we are talking inefficient, even as far as Harbeths go. I have to say, the Croft with my Amperex 12AX7’s is really quite good. I have no issue leaving the Croft/Harbeth pairing alone...It does so many things well. While it may give up some detail, it gives a nice tube sound that immerses me in the music. I’d have no trouble endorsing the combination...just thinking about the Yamaha lately. Any thoughts ??? (-:
If it were me first I would sell the P3's & move up the Harbeth ladder then upgrade cables a couple levels...
Hi again. I know we've spoken about this before but change the tubes to Telefunkens to improve detail and clarity. It will sound more powerful.
freediver- the Croft/P3’s are my second system, which I tend to use at times when I don’t want to fire up my main system...often for short listening sessions. Of course, it sounds good enough to where I end up listening for hours. To be honest, I don’t want to pour much more cash in to this system. My cables are A23, which I really like. Your C7 suggestion does indeed make sense from an efficiency perspective. Thanks a bunch!
noromance- Yes, I believe you have mentioned the TELE 12AX7’s before. I also heard of another user being happy with the newer Grant Fidelity black ones, after having tried many. I still plan on trying a HO cartridge, but doubt it will be the London. This is only due to it’s design not being for the timid, as I’m sure it sounds wonderful. I do plan to give my Charisma (Denon)103 a rest soon, and go Hi output...I just bought an Air Tight PC-7 for my main setup, so that has kept me on the fence here longer still. I may just sell the Charisma, in order to free up funds for the HO cart. But that darned Charisma is a nice cartridge, which makes it so hard to sell. But counting my EMT Tsd-75, I have 3 cartridges for two systems. One would have to go if I bought a HO. This of course, if I want to keep at least one wife. I appreciate it as always (-:
fjn04, I still refer back to Joe's Tube Lore where he considers the Amperex Bugle Boy the best 12AX7.  That said, I have been using the Grant Fidelity PSVANE 12AX7-TII and would very interested if you report how you like the black Treasure 12AX7-LS if you decide to purchase them.  Thanks
You would be taking one step forward, two steps back. The 45 watt Croft is plenty enough for the P3. BTW, I’ve owned larger Harbeths and always preferred the P3. There is something about that speaker that is special to my ears! Here ya go!
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It's me who has the black Treasure 12AX7LS tubes in my phono Croft 25R!
Check my posts for more info. Suffice to say, very good from new, sublime and better than all I've heard after 20 hours.
Hard to beat the Harbeth-Croft combo. But the Yamaha has those meters which are hard to resist...  joking aside as much as I love the Yamaha sound (and the casework and meters) I dont think it’s an upgrade over the Croft for those speakers. I would move to a Yamaha if you plan to change the speakers. Croft-Harbeth is an ideal second rig why mess with it?