Harbeth Super HL5+ vs. Focal Kanta No.2

This is an extension of my Harbeth Super HL5+ vs. Spendor D7 discussion where I received numerous excellent responses. I am nearing 150 hours break in on my Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers which seem to be coming around. Early on in their break in they sounded nice but didn't have the upper mid & high end sizzle & snap I desire so I ordered a pair of Focal Kanta No.2 floorstanders. They will be arriving in about a week. 

This forum is for those who have either owned or have auditioned either or both speakers. Your impressions? What amp used with them. I am using a Conrad Johnson LP70s tube amp with their ET5 preamp. 
Did you ever take a listen to the D7's? Very dynamic and tight in the lows with clean treble on top.  
I decided to cancel the order for the Focal Kanta No. 2. I'm not sure in what direction I want to go. The Devore Fidelity Gibbon X (or other Devore models) looks interesting but the $$$$$. WOW!! May be tough to afford even a used mint pair!!
My Kanta No. 2's arrived last Friday, so I am one week into a long (100 hour) break-in.  Sorry to read about your cancellation.   For me, after years with the Piega P-10's which were too big for my listening room, I am pleasantly impressed at this stage as they break-in.  I'm currently over-powering them with Parasound JC-1's, but like the flexibility I now have to go to lower power via tube amps since they're so efficient.  They are definitely not too bright for my taste (Be tweeter has been tamed) and for a speaker of this size, the mid-bass and bass is remarkable. Build quality is exceptional too.  Good luck with your search.