Harbeth Super HL5+...thoughts

I’m currently awaiting our home to complete construction.  During that time, I sold off my Dynaudio C4’s and BHK monoblocks.  Loved the sound, but I also had a rather large, dedicated, listening space.  In our new home, I’ll have an office, but on the smaller scale.  I picked up a set of Pass Labs xa60.5’s and Harbeth Super HL5’s.  I’ve read numerous glowing reviews, from many that write about audio products for a living.  Was wondering if anyone that owns the HL5+ would share their “pedestrian” experiences.  
I own the SHL5 40th anniversary, they replaced 7es 3's. They will be the last speakers I own. If you've read the TAS and Stereophile reviews you have a pretty good idea what these speakers can do. I can't add anymore superlatives. I listen to classic rock, pop, jazz and classical at moderate volume, rarely over 80 dB. As others have said, these are not speakers for heavy metal. I alternate between a Luxman Integrated and Cayin Integrated.    
@ericsch Thanks for sharing.  Though, I do listen to a fair amount of heavy metal (Anthrax, Metallica, Lamb of God), I would think the Harbeth’s would highlight the overuse of compression and all other forms of trickery used in that genre.
Check out the new JBL L 100 Classics, if you listen to a lot of rock.
i used to own the Super HL5, and they never did it for me in the rock dept.