Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers & integrated amp pairing recommendations

I'm seeking suggestions for an integrated amp to match with a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers that I recently acquired. I listen to mostly smooth jazz via streaming or CDs, no vinyl.  My listening room measures 22' x 22' with 11' ceilings.  I welcome your recommendations for integrated amps.  Thank you. 
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@rcalderon 4 ohms. For Shostakovich, listen to Allegro non troppo into Largo. For Supertramp, If Everyone was Listening.
Good IMHO 4ohms is the way to go, I’m curious now I will be listening to those songs.
I'm driving my Harbeth SHL5+ speakers with a McIntosh MA 352 integrated. I stream with a Schiit Yaggy DAC. To me, this set-up sounds fantastic.   
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Gee, I wonder if he found something in the last year and a half.