Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers & integrated amp pairing recommendations

I'm seeking suggestions for an integrated amp to match with a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers that I recently acquired. I listen to mostly smooth jazz via streaming or CDs, no vinyl.  My listening room measures 22' x 22' with 11' ceilings.  I welcome your recommendations for integrated amps.  Thank you. 
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Tswisla, i am curious of how the speakers would sound with a different amp and coincidentally I’m considering getting another mc275 but just because I would like to run two of them. Honestly it depends on your listening habits and source.
i listen at what I consider moderate levels though sometimes my dB meter tells me otherwise. I understand what your saying and I’ve wondered about the same thing but sometimes the music is loud enough at 47-55% and other time I’ll need 67-80. But given the somewhat low sensitivity  of the speakers you may need more power to satisfy you listening needs. I personally would get more efficient speakers since I love my amp. If the MCs are not doing it for you then you may want to switch amps.
I am in awe of how well my LFD NCSE is driving my recently acquired 40.2's - 2nd gen is going for about half of your budget used it seems and the 3rd gen is right in there.

Had an LFD LEIII previously and the NCSE was a totally different animal - way more drive and meat on the bone, solid bottom end just a really really great sounding integrated.

Harbeths are known to pair well with quite a number of tube and solid state amps hopefully you can try a few out and see what makes them sing for you.  You'll definitely know it when you hear it!

I saw this thread pop up again and am always interested in Harbeth.

Last weekend I heard the Super HL5 Plus with the LM-805iA Integrated tube amplifier - Single Ended 805 - 2x48W - and think it better than the Luxman recommendation I made earlier (but have not done a formal or even an informal shootout). This integrated amp worked extremely well with the SHL5+ and never showed any signs of clipping and I was running the volume control. Was very good with an Aurender streamer and even better with a Luxman TT + Hana Cart and JC3+ phonopre. For reference, I've heard the SHL5+ many times, with Luxman integrateds and seperates, Marantz, Mark Levinson, and now the Line Magnetic. The Line Magnetic works amazingly well, especially for the 48 WPC it is noted to have. Seems like much more than 48 WPC. 

Disclosure, I'm just a happy patron of Excel Audio and I have no financial interest. I just love listening to music on fine systems.
@pokey77 I also heard the LM-805iA but with WIlson speakers. It sounded rather good however when I heard the same tunes a few minutes later with Harbeth and Luxman m900u + c900u separates there was a significant improvement in everything. Of course the electronics are $5K vs $30K. I liked the $5K Harbeth + Luxman over the $16K Wilson + LM-805iA on the same tunes. It could be that the Wilson needed more power.

BTW - I have decided to follow some advice you gave me in a personal message. I am going to buy the Luxman separates (you did not say this) but you did say to look at Harbeth or the TAD ME1 for my small space. After I heard the Harbeth C7ES-3 with Luxman separates I realized the small speakers would sound great with the Luxman. So my system will be centered around the Luxman electronics now and not the speakers.

You can tell Mike you helped me buy one of his systems. That should give you some free passes (joke).

Glad you are finding something you really like and want to commit to.

I've heard all the Harbeth line, I live less than five miles from Excel Audio, and think you should give consideration to the SHL5+ too. IMHO It is significantly better than the 7 and the price isn't all that much more. Better bass, much better top end and really, just smoother and more extended. Since you are now decided on the Luxman separates, the step up to the 5 is fairly insignificant.

Been a little while since I've heard the Luxman separates, so I can't really comment on them vs. the Line Magnetic.