Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers & integrated amp pairing recommendations

I'm seeking suggestions for an integrated amp to match with a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers that I recently acquired. I listen to mostly smooth jazz via streaming or CDs, no vinyl.  My listening room measures 22' x 22' with 11' ceilings.  I welcome your recommendations for integrated amps.  Thank you. 
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An approximate budget would help. Solid state or tube?

Up to $8000.00 for the budget.  Open to both solid state and tube choices.  Thank you.
I like @jackd suggestion. I'm using a Accuphase E600. It works for me well in my small listening room with a REL B3 sub. The E600 was expensive but I got a deal on a demo which is why I own it and I love it but at full retain it's too much money (maybe).

I got carried away reading the hype on LFD on the Harbeths forum. Ordered one and it was no where as good as my little Bryston B135-sst2 integrated. Luckily i was able to return it. I was pairing it with HL5 plus also.
My next amp was the Pass Int-60 and it sounded great with the Harbeths
The Vac 170iq integrated would be my present choice as I have turned to tubes now. With continuous biasing the amp is trouble free and operates the tubes at their optimum.  I am so smitten with their equipment. 

Vinnie Rossi LIO... Besides many many glowing show reports over the last few years or so, there’s this link too: https://www.parmentersound.com/blog/4/9/2017/why-you-should-own-harbeth-speakers
+1 for the Vinnie Rossi LIO with the HL5+.  I heard this combo at the Newport show a few years ago and it’s burned into memory.
I would look at the Modwright KWI 200 if you want an integrated.  It's a fantastic piece, and you could prob fit in your budget if you can find one used.

Good luck.
Thanks to everyone for their input so far. I appreciate your comments.
The Pass would definitely be your best bet. Don’t waste time or money on anything else. The Pass will control those speakers with authority.
Your should try to audition the new Aesthetix Mimas. I was startled when I plugged it into my SHL5+. I have been using an Ayre AX7E which is a really good match with the Harbeth’s to begin with. Before I ordered the Mimas I tried the Hegel 360, Musical Fidelity MS 6i, Belles Aria and an Aesthetix Calypso with Quicksilver Siver 88’s. The Mimas is the best of the bunch to me. YMMV.  Good Luck with your search!
Luxman 509X - Heard that combo a number of times and can say it works very nicely - excellent pairing.

Pass Labs would probably work well but would recommend the INT250. Less Class A power but much more authoritative.

Good luck.