Harbeth SLH5 plus. Top or bottom binding post?

When using standard speaker cables (not biwired) should you use top or bottom binding posts on speakers?  Speaker is Harbeth SLH5 plus.

The best solution for bi-wiring posts is generally to attach one speaker lead to one set of posts and the other lead to the other set.  For example, connect the + speaker lead to the + woofer post and connect the - speaker lead to the -tweeter post.  This way each driver, woofer and tweeter, sees one biwire strap and the speaker cables.  If you connect both speaker leads to the same set of posts, then one driver sees two biwire straps and the other driver sees none.  The split post arrangement usually results in a more coherent blend of the woofer and tweeter.
Chord recommends a diagonal connection which worked out great:-

As a general rule, the treble connections are usually reckoned to produce better sound quality than the bass connections. However, in many cases, we find that a diagonal connection produces the most musically coherent sound. To do this, connect the positive (+) speaker cable to the positive treble connection and the negative speaker cable (-) to the negative bass connection. So in effect, the cable is connected diagonally. This is quick, easy and fun to do and the results are easy to hear.

Really - whatever sounds better to you.  You have to play around.  
That said, despite the fact that Alan Shaw (designer) believes aftermarket jumpers are nonsense, I found a definite improvement by changing the stock jumpers to Audience AU24.  I was experiencing some bass muddiness in my room and the jumpers really cleaned up the sound.  
But that is a preference and may be the last thing one would want in a room where the speakers were sounding a bit bass-shy.  

Thanks for posting the Chord recommendation which is exactly what I described above.  Chord even used the same word "coherent" to describe the sonic benefits of this type of wiring.  Funny!
Ran into Bill Low recently and he said when single wiring with jumpers it CAN matter which post you use…who knew? Bill knew (!)…My previous speakers were single wired due to the designer's recommendation (Alan Yun, Silverline Prelude speakers), and my current Sonist Recitals are biwired per design recommendation…with speaker cables recommended by Bill during that conversation (apparently single biwire cables should have disparate runs to deal with isolation benefits…he was right again!). Coherency all around. Note that I made a pair of what I thought were groovy "better than stock" jumpers for the Preludes, and they sucked. The supplied brass strips sounded better.
Wolfman, Bill is also outspoken on wire directionality. Could you be next? Hmmmmm....
Thanks for the recommendations.

I have now tried using just the bottom posts, and the diagonal suggestion.  Seems to me that just using the bottom posts I get the best results.  Fuller more natural sounding.......

Thanks again.
Yes, there are no hard and fast rules on how you want to connect the cables to the bi-wirable binding posts. The best configuration is the one that sounds best to your ears and preference.

Yashu, may I ask what speaker cables are you using with the SHL5 Plus? Are you using the stock metal links that come together with the speakers or they have been replaced with aftermarket jumpers?
Fuse directionality doesn't matter at all. AC, half inch teeny wire, and it's designed to melt. I've never hooked AQ wire up backwards but hey…if it got geoffkait off my back to perhaps stalk somebody else...
Ryder I'm using the stock jumpers that came with the speakers.  Never thought I needed to change them.  Do you?

Speaker cables are Purist Audio Design ...... MUSAEUS Praesto Revision.
Fuse directionality doesn't matter at all. AC, half inch teeny wire, and it's designed to melt. I've never hooked AQ wire up backwards but hey…if it got geoffkait off my back to perhaps stalk somebody else...

That would be swell, Wolfie. Please report your results. 
Yashu, I am on the stock jumpers that came with the speakers too and didn’t think about replacing them as well. I briefly compared the stock jumpers to some bare speaker cables and the difference is quite minute.

I am using Chord Epic Twin with the speakers, single-wired.
Im using the bottom posts on my Harbeth Shl5plus. I also believe your far better off using different jumpers. Experiment with some different wire it all doesn't sound the same. I'm using some hook up wire i bought from Bob at Cerious Technolgies along with Wywires Platinum speaker cables.