Harbeth SHL5 VS Vivid V1.5 VS AN-E

hi everyone, I have found my three contenders!
Harbeth SHL5
Vivid V1.5
Audio note AN-E

I listen mainly to electronica and jazz.

I have a small room (10 x 11) fully treated with HUGE 14 inch thick, floor to ceiling, bass traps. First reflection point fully treated as well as back wall.

I will mainly listen to about 7 feet away from the speakers.

I also really like to be able to listen at low volume late at night.

I NEVER listen past 95 DB, and normally listen to avarage of 80 db.

I will get a amp once I know which speaker to get!

I value musicality more then anything else. I want to be drawn into the music and the resolution must be well integrated into the sound.
Coherent, musicality and the two attributes I value the most. And non fatiguing!

Listen to all 3 and pick the one that sounds best. Personally, of the 3 your list, I would go with the ProAc 1sc's.
I've heard the Vivids and Harbeths. I preferred the latter. So musical and engaging though I was only listening to acoustic music not electronica.
I would not pick the Harbeth for electronica. I did not hear the SHL5, but I used to own Compact 7.
thread closed
I'm getting a audio note speakers!
WIll report once in my possession!
Wow that was fast. Were you able to audition all three? What made you choose the Audio Note?