Harbeth question: Which speakers to keep?

I have several sets of small Harbeth speakers. I would like feedback on the following: Should I trade in a set of LS3/5A's or HL-P3's as a partial payment on a set of new Compact 7ES-2. Neither, both or one or the other?
The 7ES are nice, no doubt. More bass than either of the types you have. Personally, I like the Monitor 30 and Super HL5 better than the 7s by a fair bit. If you can stretch for one of those, they are worth the difference, IMHO.

Ed, how would you compare those three models you mention, particularly the Model 30 vs. the Super HL5?
The HL5 has more bass than the 30, but the cabinet is bigger so no surprise there. The 30 tweeter, while initially sounding a bit laid back, is really quite refined. Definitely a big step up from 7ES. I'd probably take the 30s myself, though if running w/o a Sub, the HL5s are probably the better choice. Either are really musical and have a lot to offer, with sound that belies their (humble) looks.

don't trade in anything...those ls 3/5's and the p3's are destined to be the speakers harbeth will be remembered for.if you get bigger ones,keep those anyway.
thanks for the opinions. I do love this web site.
Whatever you do, keep the ls3/5a. Best do as Jrd suggests.
The 3/5's are staying. I was leaning that way before Jrd. but with his input, and especially after checking his answer threads, he appear to be one of the Audiogon speaker experts. One pair of P3's will be for sale soon.