Harbeth P3SER

This is a speaker I have been dying to try, but there is no convenient dealer near me to audition them.

In the meantime, I notice that several pairs have appeared for sale in recent weeks, after it was initially hard to ever see them on the used market.

Has the production machine simply cranked up to full speed, or are these speakers not living up to their original hype?

Is anyone living with this speaker who could comment on the sound?
The speakers are up to the hype.
It is just that in the crazy audio world we live in, many buy the latest and greatest, just to sell soon and move on to the next thing. If you follow the used market closely, you will notice this trend.
in 100% agreement with that...and Cwlondon, if we could all be a little more secure in what our ears tell us, we wouldn't care a farthing anyway.

sound? they are wonderful little speakers with a big sound.
Audiophiles change their minds like a girl changes clothes. (hmm, did that sound a bit Kate Perry-ish?) I wouldn't worry about it.
I bought them on faith three months ago and don't regret it for a minute. They are my office desktop monitors and I'm totally addicted to them. If you love music you will love these speakers.
Has this speaker been updated recently?
I have the P3ESR. If you have a small to medium size room, I think they are one of the best speakers money can buy. In comparison to the Roger LS3/5A (15 ohm), the P3ESR retains the magical mid range and vocals, but with deeper bass and extended highs.

People sell speakers for various reasons (e.g. not compatible or changing electronics, room change, want to try something new etc.,). In fact, I am posting mine for sale because of changing to a much bigger listening room which the P3ESR is not designed for that. I have not heard of any updated P3ESR.
Its extremely difficult to go wrong with these speakers!
These are among the most musical speakers to have.
They are flexible and very easy to drive.
I agree with Bryantho.
I own a pair of Harbeth LS3/5A's and have heard at length the new P3ESR and find it natural, smooth and extended just a darn musical little speaker.