Harbeth P3ESR vs. Proac D1 with Peachtree iNova

I am looking to set up a nice compact system (computer-based). Based on the reviews I am at the moment almost decided on Peachtree iNova which seems an upgrade to a regular Nova. This seems a no-nonsense one-piece unit that can do everything. If you have any other suggestion for the price range (better be one unit though), I would also welcome your suggestions.

Now it comes to compact monitor, my short list is Harbeth P3ESR vs. Proac D1 or Tablette Anniversary. I have read a few posts and kinda understand what I should expect from Harbeth vs. Proac (e.g. sweeter midrange vs. dynamics). However, I am more specifically interested in how they would pair with Peachtree given its limitations. I have long owned Proac Response 2.5 and I have a short experience with Harbeth P3ES2. I absolutely loved P3ES2 for midrange, but I wished it had a more lifesize bass like from Proac 2.5 (I know it's not a fair comparison). So I am wondering if either of the Proac monitors might be a good compromise for my taste (Jazz, small classical ensembles, obscure rock).

Thanks for reading a long list of questions. Your expert comments will be appreciated.
No experience with Peachtree iNova but I've listened to the Proac Response 2.5 alongside Harbeth SHL5s, and the bass response between the two speakers are fairly comparable. The P3ES2 or P3ESR will not have the lifesized bass of the 2.5s for sure. Between the D1 and P3ESR, I would suspect the D1 to respond better with low-powered amps as the P3ESR is quite an inefficient monitor.
I owned the Peachtree for about a year, and while I have no experience with either speaker, the iNova is a very cool piece. However, when I tried to use it as a preamp, and added a turntable and a phonostage, I got a maddening hum that I just could not get rid of. So I got rid of the Peachtree and the hum went with it. BTW, I used Nola Boxers, which was a very nice combo.