Harbeth P3ESR vs. Aerial 5B

I'm putting together a bedroom system with a wall-mounted flatscreen and three wall-mounted mini-monitors underneath it.

I like sealed speakers for this instead of bass-reflex to try and control standing waves.

I haven't heard either of these models but I do like the Proac sound, which sort of led me towards Harbeth. I'm also afraid that the P3's wont play loud enough which led me towards the Aerial's.

By the way, Proac will soon be releasing a new Tablette model (they will discontinue the current models and stay with the one new model)so that may be an option as well if it's sealed.

It's my understanding that the Harbeths are best in free space, which is true of a lot of sealed-box speakers. Not sure about the Aerials.
I guess I cut off the last part of my post .... How about something meant to go on-wall? There are some Dynaudio 42Ws listed right now (no relation to the seller).
The Aerials have a slot recessed in the back for hanging on a wall.

All speakers are best in free space, I'm trying to find a good compromise.
Didn't know that -- or anything, really -- about the Ariels. I passed along the info about the Harbeths b/c I considered them for a near-wall setup and was advised against it. And, of course, there are speakers that are designed for near-wall or even corner positioning (Audio Note, for one). Happy hunting!