harbeth p3ers or dynaudio excite x12

I just purchased a simauduo 250i and I listen to a lot of Dianna krall and Nora Jones. I am to far away from a harbeth and dynaudio dealer so I can not audition these speakers . Any input would be helpful.
Sounds like we have the same taste in music. I have the Harbeth p3er.No other speaker I have owned come close to them. As a matter of fact I was just listening to Dianna Krall,wow knocks my socks off! I can't comment on the Dyna I never heard them. Hope you make the right choice.
Two very interesting choices! I have the Harbeth P3ESR at home and have owned a bigger Dynaudio model previously (Dynaudio Focus 160). The Focus 160 is a fantastic speaker, if you have a very powerful amp and quite a bit of space to let them breathe, otherwise the bass will be too much in a small room (IMO). The soundstage is huge and the overall sound is extremely pleasing, you can listen to music all day long! The smaller X12's are is supposed to be easier to drive and doesn't require as much space. However, I am 100% sure the Harbeth's are much easier for the amp than any Dynaudio spekaer! They are very neutral in a good way and for me never boring, sounds right with every record I play, and the soundstage is big too, and very easy to place and doesn't boom or anything like that. Very good with voices on movies, tv, radio etc.

Personally I would pcik the Harbeth's, as I don't need to worry about space, lots of power and they sound fantastic with the music I play. They are very small and nice to look at too, I have them in rosewood.

The Dynaudio's should be a great choice too and much cheaper.
I've owned 5 pairs of Dynaudio speakers from the entry level Audience line to the Confidence line. I've only owned one pair of Harbeth's and can tell you with confidence that Harbeth would be the best choice for you and your choice of music.