Harbeth P3 stands....... Skylan or Sound Anchor

What stands for Harbeth P3ESR? I need the stand sturdy and not easy to trip.I like Sound Anchor stands, but most Harberth folk chose Skylan over Sound Anchor.
My listening room is 12x13, mostly listen to Jazz and Chamber Music.
What if the tweeter level is higher than my listening position.

both are great, hard to go wrong with either one!
I chose Sound Anchor. Not sure if they are better or not, but i think they look better and i know they are heavy and sturdy.
How about the base plate from Sound Anchor Single Post has 3 point spikes and Skylan base plate has 4 point spikes.
Is the 3 point spikes are the same stable compare with 4 point spikes that Skylan base plate has?
3 spikes are easier to level.
I'm sure you can order appropriate 4 spike stands from Sound Anchor.
Thanks everyone.....
I've owned both and have nothing but good things to say about both companies. IMO, 4 point spiked stands will give you the best support, albeit they take a little more time to set up.
Time to revive the thread!

Has anyone tried the Harbeth P3ESR with stands other than Skylan or Sound Anchor?

I'm looking for some inexpensive, readily available speaker stands (<$150 used). Is there anything in particular I should be looking for? Here, I have in mind such things as building materials, weight, top plate/bottom plate dimensions, # of posts, etc. These will have to be 24" stands.

From what I've seen, Target stands are fairly inexpensive and easy to locate. Has anyone tried the P3ESR with a pair of Targets? If so, which model(s)? How did they perform?

I know embarrassingly little about what to look for in a speaker stand, so I would appreciate any/all feedback. The stands will be used exclusively for the P3ESR.


P.S. I'm already aware that Alan Shaw classifies speaker stands as audiophile BS.
I am still waiting for the P3ESR ....
I will chose skylan, is inexpensive and Noel Nolan from Skylan gave me quote and recommendation speaker stand SM26 for Harberth P3ESR (Total cost would be $195 + 38 shipping, = $233 Canadian, / $219 USD)
Hmm, $233 isn't bad (taxes?), but what options do I have for < $150 used? I went way over budget on this system, so I need to be strict about what I spend.
Total is USD $219 shipped to your door.(that is $233 Canadian dollar)
Thank you for the pricing information, but I'm still interested in alternative stands.

So, does anyone have any experience with speaker stands other than Skylan or Sound Anchor for the Harbeth P3ESR?
There is a small company in NH that specializes in custom audio cabinets, furniture, stands etc. I have used them for a cd cabinete and sound panels - very happy. http://www.resonantwoods.com/index.html. They were even showing a matching stand for Harbeth on this website that they showed at the CES.
Thanks, but I'm looking for inexpensive alternatives that are readily available in Canada. I would really appreciate input from someone who has used such stands with the P3ESR.