Harbeth owners/ speakers rock ?

Just reading so much good write ups on the Harbeth speaker lines I was wondering if they will work for rock music.
Not quite.The best British rock speaker is Epos with Naim / Exposure amplifier.

I would say yes(I used to have HL P3 es2 & 7ES2. Now Monitor 30) if you use it with subwoofer.
However, it's too good to listen to Rock, dance & metal music with this.(I am using JM lab 926 for those kind of music.) Also, Harbeth doesn't produce such tight & focused bass and Ear bleeding treble. It tends to produce all kinds of music very mellow, listenable & naturally.(She is like Meryl Strip(Spell???) not Brun Hilda...)

If you listen to Rock music mainly, I suggest buying other types of speakers such as JBL having 12inch woofers, etc.

Hope this helpful & happy listening!

Yep, Epos and also ATC speakers are great with rock music. IMHO, I disagree with JM Labs ear-bleed speakers being good with rock music. At least on the rock music I listen to.
I am breaking in a pair of the Super HL5's. My early sense is that they are quite versatile and are fine for rock. If I listened primarily to rock, I might not choose them, but then I would not have chosen the Quads, Avalons, Spendors, ProAcs, Theils and Ref 3As that have spent time in my systems over the past decades. Well, maybe the Thiels and ProAcs.
Drubin. You got the Super HL5's and haven't told us what you think???? Perhaps it is because you are still breaking them in. Don't leave us in the dark--I have high hopes for you and those puppies.

Relative to the thread: Yeah, Harbeth's rock in their own understaded sort of way. If you want speakers for dance parties I'd look elsewhere.
I want to reserve judgement for a while. I've only had them for 10 days.
Drubin. Feel free to email me off the thread to share your views.
I have the C7s and I think they are great for rock.

I have a sub and actually plug the front port of the C7s with a piece of foam for integration purposes with a sub and because I like a thinner midbass. Take for instance the Doors' Morisson Hotel- the keyboards and guitar just glisten the way I want them to.
I guess I should be more informitive. I like the sound to be polite. I don't want it hyped up at all. certainly not the treble area. I want good tight bass. It doesn't have to move my trousers. Just accurate and true sound. If it is a bad recording and sounds like crap, I can live with that. I certainly don't want to own a pair of speakers that will color the fact that it is a bad recording. When I purposely listen to a bad recording, it is for the music not the recording.
I am just trying to find a pair of speakers that I will be happy with for the next 10 to 20 years.
I listen to other types of music also. Just mostly 70's rock though.
I want the sound to be true, polite, and be stable. I don't want tweeter fatigue.
Hmm. If a had to pick one speaker to own for the next 10-20 years it would have to be the Harbeth's. I've been trying to find a pair to attractive floorstanding speakers in the 6-8K range for over a year now (something my wife will find more attractive than my C7's) and have been thoroughly unsuccessful. Every time I audition something I come home to the Compact 7s and realize that there really isn't anything better anywhere near the price. They are so incredibly enjoyable and musical. I listen to a lot of rock and never feel that I am missing something except the impact of deep and powerful bass. Mostly I listen to jazz, classical and singer songwriter stuff--for this music the Harbeths are a dream. You will never get tired of listening and the emotional content of the music is wonderfully communicated. If you are open to a slightly higher price the Super HL5's are, and this is hard to believe, significantly better than the Compact 7s. I have compared them head to head for over an hour each and can thus speak from experience. The HL5 has got more power, drive and tunefulness in the bass, a larger soundstage, a slightly better midrange (less glare, more pure) and will certainly rock better than the C7. I have seriously auditioned over 15 speakers in the sub 10K range over the past year or so and I can say that the Super HL5 is the best one I have heard--and that for 4K! Read the Stereotimes review by Paul Szazby (sp?) he has them pegged. I would own them in a minute but my wife won't go for even big boxes in the living room. Best of luck.