Harbeth or Coincident

Hi All,

I'm down sizing but want to keep the quality of my music. Room is small and not ideal but has to do. 4M x 4M.

Presently Im looking at either of the below set ups:-

1. Cayin 300B (8W Set amp) driving Coincident triumph speakers
2. Plinius 9100 amp driving either the Harbeth P3ESR or compact 7's

Thoughts please. I know I should audition but Australia is so backwards, no one carries these fine brands...we are well behind the times

Music is soul / Reggae / RNB. Artist like Amy Wine House, Mary J Blige, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Keith Sweat, Bob Marley, Joss Stone, Tracey, Tracey Champman. No classical / orcestra / country what so ever.

I appreciate your thoughts, many thanks.

What sound levels to you like to listen at?
Moderate levels.
Plinius/Harbeth Compact 7, and don't look back.

Agreed, in your room, which is still quite nice, the Harbeths would be delightful. The P3's are wonderful for their size, but the 7's would work and would give more umph...which if you're groovin on the Bill Withers you'd want.
Good luck!
I'll play the spoiler. I love Harbeths and have owned several British monitors. Presently run the Coincident Triumphs UHS TRS and enjoy the speaker more than the Harbeths I've oft auditioned with various equipment. Either way would work. I found the Harbeths too polite and the midrange not as open and natural as the Coincident.

I run the Sugden A21SE integrated pure Class A which will easily match the Plinius. Good luck.
I havent heard those Coincident speakers. But can say in that room and your muscial tastes the 7s would be very good.
#1, but I don't know that the efficiency rating of the monitors means much in actual listening. Does the Cayin have the juice to produce real dynamics (bounce not volume). WIth your taste in music, they'll be a sub in your future too, I bet.

Both systems would work well but given your music taste I think you would be thrilled with the 300b/coincident pairing. This combination will sound very natural,organic and with wonderful timbre,dynamics and an exceptionally open and live sound in your size room. That speaker is a great match with a good SET amplifier.
Best of luck