Harbeth/Musical Fidelity: Good Match?

Anybody out there using Harbeth Compact 7SE speakers with the Musical Fidelity A3 pre-amp/power amp combination?

How does this sound?

Many thanks.
I know that the Harbeths like a good amount of solid state power, atleast 100 wpc, and even more like 150 wpc. The Musical Fidelities fit in that range. There is a web forum for Harbeth users on www.smartgroups.com. See http://www.smartgroups.com/group/group.cfm?GID=742402. You need to register, but there is much discussion about matches between amps and the speakers. I've got the Compact7's 2es, and they do well with a Odysee Stratos dual mono amp. Good luck, and let us know what you end up with.
sounds fine together. If near New England, Fidelis in NH has both these lines (and they are the Harbeth importer, too.). www.fidelisav.com

The harbeths will run fine off tube amps from 20wpc and up, however...