Harbeth Monitor 30 vs. Dynaudio Special 25

I am a fan of two way monitor speakers and am looking to upgrade. I am considering these two and would like to listen to them but do not have a dealer in my area. Anyone of you that have heard these two speakers I would welcome your opinion. My system is open to change, you can see what I currently have by clicking on "system". I love acoustic music, jazz, classical with limited instruments usually not to involved with the big symphonies. Stakers cello suites are one of my favorite LP's. I will be upgrading to a Nottingham Spacedeck soon and will keep the Arcam CD player long term. Your thought and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Also, any Audiogoners within 250miles of Fargo ND that have these speakers and would open their system up to a listen, I will bring the microbrew. Thanks, david
Hi Davt,

I was a long time owner of the Harbeth M30's, in my opinion, a truly great loudspeaker. They would suit your musical preferences perfectly, although they could deliver any type of music well in my system.
Midrange is the best of any speaker I've heard.

Have not heard the Dynaudio 25, but read that Dynaudio recently became the BBC's supplier of in house monitors, replacing Harbeth.

Best of luck,
I considered the M30s before deciding on Harbeth C7-2s. I was told by the importer (and read in an on-line review) that the M30s are not really designed for a small room such as mine. I was also told the M30s could be considered a bit forward. Not bright or etched but just a little in front of themselves. However, if the Radial woofers in those boxes perform like the ones in my C7s, you would love the way they reproduce real, acoustic instruments.
Dynaudio Special 25 will have my vote, since I have them :-)
Thanks to the new Esotar2 tweeter, the mid and high are heartachingly beautiful. From what you described your favorite music, they are ideal candidates for you.

I second Tomryan. I would add that with the Creek you would be better off with the M30's.
Thanks for the input, David