Harbeth M30.1 vs Tannoy Turnberry SE.

Im looking for speakers for my 2nd system.

Both are British Made speakers and both almost have the same price. about $5-6k If I'm not wrong.

I have BAT VK-60 tube amp.

So which one should I buy. Need your Honest opinion.

Mantisory - Hey, no fair! Tell us what you've got. (Your system at your System link is outdated.)
Okay Okay, I updated my system, although I have no good pics to share at this point...
Anyway, to tell the truth I really loved my Harbeths - they had a very nice, laid back and "easy to listen to all day" sound that was truly excellent with acoustic music (especially wood instruments). Where they fell down was with large dynamic swings and micro details. My horns do this to the extent that I immediately knew I want to replace my Harbeths (although I would've kept them had I had space)
The Tannoys...well, like I said, I have generally liked them. However, I never bought a pair (and before the SHL5 I had the Compact 7ES3 which I also liked a lot), so that has to tell you something I suppose :)
Now, if I could afford the Westminsters, I might be convinced to buy Tannoy...but then, I'd probably buy a pair of JBL Everests!