Harbeth M30.1 vs Tannoy Turnberry SE.

Im looking for speakers for my 2nd system.

Both are British Made speakers and both almost have the same price. about $5-6k If I'm not wrong.

I have BAT VK-60 tube amp.

So which one should I buy. Need your Honest opinion.

Can you listen to both? If not, then buy the one you can listen to (assuming you like it)
For myself, I have owned the Harbeth SHL5 and really enjoyed them, until I heard the horns I now own :)
I haven't heard the Turnberry but have heard a few other Tannoy Heritage speakers and have generally liked them, although they sound quite a bit different that the Harbeths.
Mantisory - Hey, no fair! Tell us what you've got. (Your system at your System link is outdated.)