Harbeth M30

Hi, All.

I recently bought Harbeth M30. They are driven by NAIM NAP 180, NAC112, and MERIDIAN 506 (10 year old). My former speakers are Harbeth P3, which I loved so much. Very detailed presentation with amazing mid range.

Honestly, I am expecting same things from M30 with bigger sound stage and more base. So far, I have been disappointed with M30. I do not have any idea about this. Aging? Power and Pre amplifier are not enough to drive the M30?

I am seriouly considering upgrading the source to NAIM CDP.

Any suggestion welcome.
I suggest that you post your question on the Harbeth Users Group - an excellent forum of harbeth users which is run by Alan Shaw, the speaker designer. If you go onto the Harbeth site, there's a link for the usergroup.
I would suggest you move away from the Naim equipment. I drove my Compact 7's with a 62/HiCap/140 for a number of years and then switched to ARC tube pre and solid state amp combo. Biggest improvement I have ever made to my system. The Naim does not have the power, dynamics and drive to bring out the best in the Harbeths. I believe the Monitor 30's are an even more difficult load than the C7 so your jump will be greater still. Sorry to the Naim crowd--I was one of you once. Hope this helps.
even upgrading your amp, i think you will find the sonic signiture of the m30's is still going to be quite different than that you are used to. its similar to moving from a rogers ls3/5 to a rogers studio 7. they are simply different. the synergy between the naim and the p3 is a bit on the magical side. completely satisfying. i've owned several different types of bbc derived designs over the last 20 years, and found them to all be remarkable to a degree.some combinations you will find just can't be topped for long term listening.
just purchased pair of harbeth m30's. using kimber 8tc & 4tc. thinking of upgrading cable (cables) should i go with one (which one) or continue to bi-wire? any thoughts?
You are describing a typical result of "upgradeitis". You had a product you were very happy with, so assumed that moving up?? the line, spending more money, would get you more happiness. It VERY often does not. I have a pair of HP3's myself, and prefer them to some other more expensive Harbeths. Even though they are all fairly neutral, they do all have their own signature, and react with your room differently. One of the tough things about this hobby is sticking with what works! I would suggest you get another pair of P3's...
I also suggest that you consider visiting the Harbeth users group.

For what it's worth, I switched from the Spendor S3/5se to the M30s. Whilst there were similarities in the overall sonic signature, I immediately noticed a wider soundstage and dynamic range (deeper and better defined real bass, smoother mids & highs). But there are also similarities.

At the time I was driving both speakers with the stock Unico, cardas neutral reference cabling (non bi-wire). I have since switched to a McCormack pre-pro combo.

Noteworthy, the Spendors were originally mated with a NAD742 AV receiver (digital) and, this combination sounded rather muted and dull before I switched to the Unico. It was like night and day.

good luck!
The m30s are harder to drive than the P3s for sure.
Suggest you upgrade your cd player first before changing your amps.
The M30s are more revealing for sure than the P3s since they are more upfront sounding.
The c7es3 are easier to drive than the m30s.