Harbeth LS3/5A Compared to Harbeth SHL-5

I recently picked up a pair of the Harbeth LS3/5As and have been extremely pleased with them. I currently have them in my bedroom system paired with a Fisher 500C receiver and they work very well in this application. In my main system in the living room (12' x 20'), I have a Primaluna Dialogue Two integerated amp; I have run the LS3/5As with the Primaluna and they sound even better than with the 500C. Now I am tempted to replace my existing speakers in my main system with SHL-5s, hoping to get the Harbeth "house sound", but hopefully more of it. Unfortunately, I have never heard the SHL-5s before, but have only read about them. Can anyone give me an indication as to what to expect comparing the LS3/5As to the SHL-5s?