Harbeth HL5 with JF Capri / Model 102

My friend recently bought Harbeth HL5 and he is now looking
for a good Amplifier. I have Luxman L505 and I had HL5 and
sound was just beautiful. Somebody told him that it would
sound even better with Jeff Rowland Capri PreAmp and
Model 102 Power Amplifier. I just cannot to imagine that
JF combo Capri & 102 could sound better than Luxman L505.
Any thoughts about this.
Kiza, sorry to hijack this thread. May I know if the Luxman L505 that was used to drive the SHL5 was a 505f or 505u? What other amps have been compared to the Luxman?

Thanks in advance.
I have heard and lived briefly with the JF capri and 102 w/ my SHL5. Pls note the word briefly.
Its definitely a good sound but its too warm and too smooth for my taste.
the JF combo is a tad warm in my opinion, the harbeth is also warm so to speak.
I'm sure the sound will appeal to other people.
I would put my bet on the Luxman 505u-
I forgot to mention. It was Luxman L505u
Beautiful sound.
I had the SHL-5 with the JRDG Concerto integrated amp. The combination was really good. I think there is a definite synergy between the two. Harbeth claims amplifiers are not that important with their speakers, as long as the amp provides reliable power. The Rowland has a certain cleanness to it; a low noise floor and excellent detail. The result seems to let the strengths of the Harbeth come out without detracting from the speakers' virtues.