Harbeth HL5 vs M30

Ok boys, I can't audition either one...no dealer in site. I have owned compact 7es3, so I know the harbeth sound and I want it back, but with more resolution. I have read countless reviews, but I want your thoughts. Yeah I know, use the Harbeth user forum...not a member, this is easier. I will be using a big SS amp in a 23x28
basement with 9' ceilings. The size of the M30 would be nice, but if the HL5 is the sweet spot, as some suggest, I will make them work. Thanks,Mike
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Mike, which version of the 7's did you own? the most current model?

It says above, it was the most current model.
I guess it's just typical of this "hobby" everyone has a different opinion, even on a topic this narrow.
I have read countless threads and reviews, talked to 4 different dealers and everyone has a different opinion. Two of the 4 dealers thought the M30 was the best and thought the hl5 was aggressive and not as good of speaker. Two of them thought that the hl5 was the clear winner of the 2 speakers. If all makes my head hurt. I might as well flip a coin.....very interesting to me. Thanks to all that responded, that's the cool thing about this site at least folks try to help. Thanks Mike
You don't need to crack your head too much or flip a coin in choosing the right speaker. It depends on the music that you listen to. To quote earlier responses:-

05-02-10: Dmastri
hi,if you listen to alot of classical or rock music,then i would say HL5.Other than that i would have to go with the M30
05-03-10: Jimcrane
I own the M30's myself. I play a lot of small group and solo jazz, female vocals of all sorts, and small group and solo classical. I really enjoy the speakers.
Since you listen to mostly female vocals the M30 will be a good choice. However, Dire Straits may sound better on the SHL5s. I listen to everything from jazz and classical to pop and rock and the SHL5s are a better choice.

I am listening to U2's Achtung Baby now and the SHL5s can definitely rock(only with the appropriate amplification). Electric guitars and transients in rock music will be more subdued on the M30's which possess less air compared to the SHL5s.

However, keep in mind the SHL5s will not give you more resolution than the C7ES3s that you have previously owned. Upfront and dynamic amps will get you closer to what you seek with the Harbeth.

Good luck.