Harbeth HL5 vs M30

Ok boys, I can't audition either one...no dealer in site. I have owned compact 7es3, so I know the harbeth sound and I want it back, but with more resolution. I have read countless reviews, but I want your thoughts. Yeah I know, use the Harbeth user forum...not a member, this is easier. I will be using a big SS amp in a 23x28
basement with 9' ceilings. The size of the M30 would be nice, but if the HL5 is the sweet spot, as some suggest, I will make them work. Thanks,Mike
You will not get more resolution with either the SHL5 or Monitor 30. If that is your goal move to another brand. If you want the Harbeth sound with somewhat fuller bass then the SHL5. If you want the Harbeth sound in a slightly more forward presentation then the M30.
What SS amp are you using?

SHL5 with a REL.

Audio Note AN-E SPe HE as Tom suggested.
Agreed with the 'you will get no better resolution'. Fuller sound with the 5's. Or change your gear.
Thankyou for the responses. Maybe I should have worded the question different. I would like to get the M30's because of their size and the soft dome tweeter. I should ask if that's a mistake vs the hl5. Some say that the hl5 is the sweet spot in the Harbeth line. I don't like metal tweeters,and the size is a little bit of a challenge. I have also been told that they are more "aggressive sounding" then the 30's. I read it both ways ( to each his own). I do not want to use a sub. Thanks Mike