Harbeth HL-P3 vs Harbeth HL-P3 ES-2

Now I know that the latest versions of anything is always best, but what exactly can I expect in terms of differences? also, what do you think about running these things on 1 or 2 Linn LK85's? Thanks guys!

I heard the old P3s years ago and really liked them, but they didn't have enough bass for me at the time. (FYI, I have owned Spendor LS3/5as and now have S3/5s.) Haven't heard the ES-2s, but I understand from reading Harbeth's bulletin board (from Allen Shaw himself) that drivers for the original P3 are not longer available. That makes buying the P3s a bit of a risk to me. If you go to the Harbeth site and link to their BB (registration requried), you probably will find some discussion of the differences.