Harbeth Hl-5 or Harbeth-7es

I've been reading about both speakers on Audiogon.I have also paid attention for pre-owned one's that have come up for sale. It seems that the compact 7's sell more quickly on the used market. I talked to a dealer that told me he sells 10pairs of compact 7's to 1 pair of Hl-5's. If price Isn't a consideration what would you suggest me buying used or new. I'm currently running all tube gear with an analog front end.
The good news is with those two choices, you can't go wrong. The bad news is probably no one can answer that question except you. If price is not a consideration, do you have the room for the larger HL-5s? If you do, personally, I would go for those. I own the C7ES3's and they are simply stunning. If I can answer any questions for you about those, just let me know.
The two are both great. The 7's are great for smaller rooms, the 5's for larger(or smaller as well). The big difference is the physical size. The 5's are a big box speaker, and if used in a smaller room may seem too large for some people visually. The dealer gave you no news you can use.
hope that helped...
Agree w/ both Chaschas & Esmith.
If you have a big room, the SHL5s are the obvious choice. If small to moderate room, the C7es3s are the way to go.
Both are superb speakers, can't go wrong with either way.
I have lived with C7es2, C7es3 , SHL5s and the P3s series. Love the harbeths!!
Again, room size is the determining factor for considering the different harbeths.
Good luck!
Agreed again, Nolitan, you are going to have to come over for a listen!
Funny, all Harbeths sound great in a smaller room, not always in a larger one.
I've heard the SHL5s in a small room, medium size room and big rooms.
Personally, medium to big sounds "better" than small rooms.
I bought new SHL5.I was choosing between 7es and SHL5.I chose SHL5,because I thought the sound will have bigger scale than 7es.It certanly have bigger sound scale than Dynaudio contour s1.4 My room is not so big.The armchair in the middle helps to reduce resonances from the wall.Sorry for poor picture qualityhttp://www28.zippyshare.com/v/55448142/file.html