Harbeth HL-5 or Dynaudio special 25

Has anyone compared these 2 speakers? They sell for about the same price and both have great reviews.
Take a look at this thread

As far as I am concerned these are both great speakers. The bass on the special 25 is a bit "one-note" to my mind but I imagine most people will actually prefer it to the Harbeth.
Dynaudio 25. I and a friend took the Harbeth HL-5 home one day and hooked them up to custom built tube preamp and DAC feed by a highly modified Parasound 2000 transport all fed into VTL monoblocks and they were less than impressive. Midrange was very strange for a high end British monitor. I own Dynaudio and like their voicing of piano, acoustic bass and female vocals very much.
I suggest that you look at the thread on whether HL-5 are good as reviewers suggest. You will see that a number of owners (including myself, and I bought them recently) say that they listen to more music with the HL-5 than they usually do. If that is true, and it is certainly true for me, the lesson is pretty clear: this is a darn good speaker. It is hard for me to imagine a better test than that: you buy them and all of a sudden you spend more time with your records and CD's. Then of course them might offer the ultimate performance in terms of transparency and detail but is that what a good speaker should offer?
both are great speakers, just a matter which you prefer to your taste.